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Protected, Owned and Managed by The Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy

Reffitt Nature Preserve is a place of inspiration on many levels. During the 1990s local businessman Ronald G. Reffitt showed great leadership in the business community by choosing to balance development with conservation when creating Peninsula Business Park East. Mr. Reffitt, a northern Michigan native, wished to develop his property but also understood the regional importance of preserving its critical natural features and distinct northern Michigan character. To realize his vision, Mr. Reffitt worked tirelessly with GTRLC, local municipalities and other local businesses to create a business park that retains its natural character which, in part, included donating properties to GTRLC that became the George and Ada Reffitt Nature Preserve. The preserve, with a recent addition in 2012 , now consists of over 100 acres of land forever preserved and open to the public.

Reffitt Preserve encompasses wetlands, Mitchell Creek, and forests that play a key role in protecting water quality and host diverse wildlife species, and distinctive plant life. Hikers may explore the preserve by venturing along the 1.7 mile trail loop including narrow, meandering boardwalks, surrounded by lush tree and plant growth and walking paths winding over distinct dune and swale complexes (small wooded hills rising above low-lying wetlands). The Preserve is a quiet and secluded hiking destination with convenient proximity to Traverse City as well as residential and commercial areas. Reffitt is situated between Three and Four Mile roads adjacent to the Traverse City State Park and the popular TART trail.

Hunting is not allowed on this preserve.

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Reffitt Trails

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