GTRLC is implementing this voluntary program in Whitewater, Torch Lake, Elk Rapids and Milton Townships to support farming in this critical part of our service area. Our goals are to make it easy and affordable for families to position their farm and land for the next generation, to advance farming practices and to enhance profitability.

Key elements of FarmAbility

  • 10-year term conservation easements modeled after Michigan’s PA 116 Farmland Program.
  • Annual payments of $5 to $10 per acre of enrolled land.
  • Right of first refusal that would allow GTRLC to match an offer to purchase the property if it is placed for sale.
  • Each participating family has access to a one-time fund of $1,000 at a 1 to 1 match for services to support the future of farm operations. This money can be used for estate planning services and more.
  • Participating families also have access to workshops and consulting services from partner organizations for succession planning, GAP or other food safety certification, and MAEAP or other environmental verification programs.

For more information, contact GTRLC at (231) 929-7911.