The Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy is working on several exciting land protection and stewardship projects throughout our five-county service area. Our Priority Land Atlas (PLA) guides us as we protect land throughout the region.

The PLA includes carefully selected scoring criteria that we use to identify properties with the highest conservation values in our service area. By taking a close look at natural features, habitat rarity, size of wetlands, length of shoreline, adjacency to previously protected land and more, we’ve got a clear and concise map of the best remaining unprotected jewels in our area.

For more information on any of these projects, please contact Marissa Duque at (231) 929-7911 or

Wilcox-Palmer-Shah Additions

Located in Antrim County


$44,507 Still Needed

Kiessel Ridge Farm

Located in Antrim County


$304,504 Still Needed

Lower Woodcock Lake Nature Preserve Trail and Water Access Improvements

Located in Benzie County


$82,277 Still Needed

Mitchell Creek Meadows Nature Preserve Additions

Located in Grand Traverse County


$48,813 Still Needed

Finch Creek Nature Sanctuary

Located in Antrim County


$157,868 Still Needed

Pyatt Lake Nature Preserve Additions

Located in Grand Traverse County


$123,097 Still Needed