Our Mission:

Protecting significant natural, scenic and farm lands – and advancing stewardship – now and for future generations.

For 30 years, GTRLC has been entrusted to preserve and protect this cherished corner of Michigan through ongoing conservation and stewardship programs.

Our Vision:

By continuing to protect the region’s finest natural, scenic and farm lands, the Conservancy of 2021 will have reinforced the foundation of a priceless legacy that all of us will pass on to future generations. Our region’s water will be clean, its forests healthy, its vistas unparalleled. Protected lands will be embraced as an essential element of the region’s long-term prosperity. A diverse employment base and talented workforce will be attracted by the region’s natural beauty and quality of life. Our region’s unique agricultural heritage will be manifest in viable farms supplying world-class products.

In order to achieve our vision, the Conservancy is led by a passionate staff and board members with the necessary skills, knowledge, investment in and commitment to the communities we serve. We rely on the generous contributions of volunteers, donors and other supporters who share our deep concern for this region and its future.

Our values:

EXCELLENCE: We are committed to excellence in everything we do. We employ best practices, strive to enhance our skills and knowledge and measure our performance against exacting standards.

TEAMWORK: We are a team. We work together – within the organization and with communities – in the spirit of cooperation, collaboration and creativity.

RESPECT: Our relationships are founded on mutual respect. We welcome open dialogue and debate, confident that it will sharpen our best thinking.

COMMUNICATION: We listen carefully and communicate clearly and openly.

INTEGRITY: We conduct our work with integrity in words and actions. We follow through on our commitments.

PROACTIVITY: In addition to responding to today’s obvious threats, we anticipate and address tomorrow’s emerging problems.

RELEVANCE: Community needs inform our work. We collaborate to find solutions that advance our mission and meet community objectives.