What stewardship looks like is quite variable from property to property and is determined by a number of factors including what tools were used to protect the property, desired level of access, and its overall health. For example, stewardship for a conservation easement on private land could be as simple as a yearly property visit by our staff to ensure the conservation values of the land are not in jeopardy. Conversely, on preserves owned by the Conservancy, stewardship can be a perpetual year round endeavor including activities such as, invasive species monitoring and removal, trail building and infrastructure development/maintenance, native plant and habitat restoration, visitor education and more.

GTRLC has limited staff capacity to manage the enormous task of stewarding thousands of acres of land but has the wonderful benefit of incredibly active volunteers. Stewardship on this level would not be possible without our volunteer colleagues who generously donate their time, skills and energy. Understanding how critical the work of our volunteers is to achieving our land management goals, the Conservancy also invests in volunteer education as a key piece of stewardship.

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