GTRLC, always in partnership with willing landowners, works to protect land through three primary methods:

Conservation Easements: A conservation easement is a voluntary agreement between GTRLC and a private landowner that restricts development on a piece of property for perpetuity, regardless of the owner. GTRLC, which either purchases these easements from the landowner or receives them as a donation, is responsible for regular monitoring to make sure the terms of the easement are upheld. GTRLC has secured and monitors more than 300 of these easements.

Municipal Assists: GTRLC frequently assists communities in creating public parks and natural areas by providing expertise and direct assistance with fund acquisition (from private and public sources), land acquisition and landowner negotiations, land improvement, stewardship and much more. Some examples of our many assists are the Pelizzari, Elberta Dunes and Maple Bay natural areas. 

Direct Purchase or Donation: GTRLC raises funds to purchase certain properties, and landowners also donate or bequeath land to our organization. These lands are then managed by us as nature preserves. Popular nature preserves include Pyatt Lake on Old Mission Peninsula and Arcadia Dunes: The C.S. Mott Nature Preserve. 

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