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While this property was protected by GTRLC, it is owned and managed by Long Lake Township. Please contact them with any issues.

This beautiful and ecologically important property consists of 316 acres of open space, more than 6,200 feet of undeveloped frontage on Cedar Creek and 1,500 feet of frontage on Cedar Lake.  There are about four miles of trail on the property and a designated parking area and trailhead off Cedar Lake Road. Kayakers can access the lake via the DNR boat launch directly east of natural area parking lot.

In addition to riparian habitat along the creek and lake and nearly 60 acres of cedar-hemlock forest along the creek, this natural area boasts rolling fields, a large stretch of northern hardwood forest and a pine plantation.

For more information and up-to-date rules and regulations, please contact Long Lake Township at (231) 946-2249 or their website here.

Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers! Boats and anglers can significantly contribute to the spread of invasive species in Michigan’s waterways. Every time you launch into or leave a body of water, please do the following to prevent their spread:

  • Clean boats, trailers, and equipment and remove all mud, debris, and aquatic plant material
  • Drain water from watercraft, including live wells, bilges, and ballast tanks
  • Dry watercraft and equipment thoroughly
  • Dispose of bait in the trash–please do not release bait into the water!

Cedar Run Creek Natural Area

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Cedar Lake DNR Boat Ramp

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