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Protected, owned and managed by the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy.

This preserve is home to the universally accessible Overlook Trail at Arcadia Dunes! Please read our Mobility Device Use Policy for this trail, which can be accessed from the Baldy parking lot (see map below left).

Arcadia Dunes, GTRLC’s largest preserve, includes over 15 miles of trail to explore dunes, forests and many other landscapes. Adjacent working farms have also been permanently protected, ensuring the longevity of this area’s rich agricultural heritage. This incredibly diverse preserve provides a wide range of recreation opportunities and experiences from hiking to birding to mountain biking.

The multi-use Dry Hill Trails are widely known for fantastic hiking, trail running and mountain biking. The Camp Trail is another multi-use trail built on relatively flat ground, making it a wonderful hike or beginner mountain bike ride. Pete’s Woods is a wonderful little hike with an unparalleled wildflower display in the spring. The Baldy Trails wander through beautiful forests and include breathtaking views of Lake Michigan from dunes high above the water. The Spring Woodland Wild Flowers Guide & Dune Wildflowers Guide will help you identify what you see along the trail.

Arcadia Dunes, part of the Sleeping Bear Birding Trail, is also an amazing birding experience. To learn more about birding at Arcadia Dunes, read the Sleeping Bear Birding Trail‘s great birding site descriptions.

One of Arcadia Dune’s birding sites is the Dryhill Grassland. Grasslands are immensely diverse and beautiful ecosystems, but they have nearly disappeared in recent decades. Check out the Grassland Birds of Arcadia Dunes Guide to learn which birds make the the Grassland their home. Experiencing the unique wide-open beauty of this landscape is worth the trip, whether you are a birder or not.

Read about the protection of Arcadia Dunes in the Coastal Campaign chapter from our 25th anniversary publication Love the Land: Pass it On.

Certain types of hunting are allowed in accordance with state regulations:

  • Deer hunting; all forms.
  • Small game, waterfowl and turkey hunting. When waterfowl hunting in the dark green portion of this map, hunters are prohibited from targeting coots, gallinules/common moorhens and rail species.
  • Trapping is only allowed in the light green portion of the hunting map.

For more information, please visit our Hunting Regulations page.

Dogs are welcome, but they must be leashed at all times! Click here to find out why.

Arcadia Dunes: Abby's Woods Trailhead

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Arcadia Dunes: Baldy Trails (including Universally Accessible Overlook Trail)

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Arcadia Dunes: Camp Arcadia Trails - St. Pierre Trailhead

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Arcadia Dunes: Dry Hill Trails - St. Pierre Trailhead

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Arcadia Dunes: Grasslands Parking Area

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Arcadia Dunes: Pete's Woods Trail

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