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Protected by The Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy, owned & managed by Acme Township.

This property boasts trails that offer beautiful views of farms, forests, wetlands and Yuba creek, all of which are part of a larger watershed that ultimately drains through the adjacent Petobego State Game Area into Grand Traverse Bay. The sheer size of the natural area protects over a mile of Yuba Creek from development, which helps protect water quality. Home to whitetail deer, otter and mink as well as many birds and raptors (including a pair of eagles who nest in the area) this is a great place for wildlife viewing and birding while hiking, running, snowshoeing or hunting.

Views overlooking the valley are best accessed from the parking area along North US31. Here there is an interpretive display and a 0.4-mile trail that loops to the edge of the ridge where magnificent vistas of the valley and creek below can seen from a well placed bench. For a longer hike and access to the valley, park at the trail head off Yuba Road. The point-to-point route runs almost the length of the valley where glimpses of the creek can be seen from the trail, which moves through an open field landscape. A round-trip hike is 2.8 miles. For more information and trail map see:

Hunting is allowed. For more information and up-to-date rules and regulations, please contact Acme Township at (231) 938-1350.

Dogs are welcome, but they must be leashed at all times! Click here to find out why.

North US 31 Parking Area

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Yuba Road Parking Area

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