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While this property was protected by GTRLC, it is owned & managed by Long Lake Township. Please contact them with any issues.

Have you been here recently? As of the summer of 2020, this recreation area is now home to a beautiful new universal access (UA) trail suitable for people of all ages and abilities! It starts from the main parking lot.

This 250-acre former girl scout property boasts nearly 9,000 feet of water frontage, with 2,000 feet of frontage on Long Lake and an entire 20-acre lake within its boundary (Fern Lake). The balance of the property is a combination of mesic northern hardwood forest, fields and riparian wetlands. These environments offer a multitude of recreation opportunities, including fishing, hiking, kite flying, wildlife viewing and much more. The property currently has a network of marked and unmarked two-tracks and trails.

Access to this property is via the parking area on Timbers Trail off North Long Lake Road only, please do not trespass by entering from other areas. See the map below for directions.

Read the Timbers chapter from our 25th-anniversary publication Love the Land: Pass it On.

To learn more about the new UA trail here, read the Timbers Recreation Area UA trail chapter from our Campaign for Generations publication.

For more information and up-to-date rules and regulations, please contact Long Lake Township at (231) 946-2249 or visit their website here.

Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers! Boats and anglers can significantly contribute to the spread of invasive species in Michigan’s waterways. Every time you launch into or leave a body of water, please do the following to prevent their spread:

  • Clean boats, trailers, and equipment and remove all mud, debris, and aquatic plant material
  • Drain water from watercraft, including live wells, bilges, and ballast tanks
  • Dry watercraft and equipment thoroughly
  • Dispose of bait in the trash–please do not release bait into the water!

Timbers Trails

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