While this property was protected by GTRLC, it is owned & managed by Long Lake Township. Please contact them with any issues.

This property is primarily forested with upland and wetland areas, including dry-mesic northern forest, northern shrub thicket, and rich conifer swamp habitats that support a variety of wildlife. Much of the land was historically logged for timber, with some areas cleared for agricultural purposes, and several logging roads can still be found here. 

In 2001, the State of Michigan granted the property’s western portion to Long Lake Township to establish a recreational area. However, the property could only be accessed by a seasonal road. To improve public access here, the Conservancy connected with neighboring landowners to preserve what is now the eastern half of the property and relocate its trailhead to a better location. The Township incorporated the new trailhead and eastern addition into the natural area in 2007 after a proposal was passed approving their purchase.

The Conservancy protected a 40-acre addition with the help of a generous supporter in 2021. The parcel connects the natural area’s southwest corner to 565 acres of protected private land, expanding its natural wildlife corridor and creating future opportunities for an enhanced trail system. Today, visitors can enjoy nearly two miles of trail through peaceful woods in a growing residential area.