While this property was protected and is managed by GTRLC, it is owned by Peninsula Township. Please contact them with any issues.

The Pelizzari Natural Area’s diversity and beauty make it endearing to everyone who comes here. Its location, just north of Traverse City amidst relatively dense development, makes it a backyard park for many in addition to a destination worth traveling to. While Pelizarri was once farmed (and remnants of that heritage are evident), there are also glimpses into what the Old Mission Peninsula looked like before farmers and subdivisions took up residence on this 18-mile peninsula. More than three miles of trail meander through wide open fields & former orchards, quiet upland forests, and cool lowlands with giant hemlocks. Visitors are likely to encounter several bird species and may even catch a glimpse of a resident fox.

The story of Pelizzari Natural Area’s protection is an incredible tale spanning opportunities lost and seized, intrepid perseverance and an unwavering dedication to the land. Read the Pelizzari chapter from our 25th-anniversary publication Love the Land: Pass It On.

GTRLC, in partnership with Peninsula Township, is working to enhance the property’s recreational opportunities while improving and maintaining the property’s overall health and environmental integrity. This involves designing, building and maintaining trails, strategically planting native trees and shrubs, as well as removing invasive species.