Trail Section Closed for Nesting Season April 15th - June 15th
A portion of the trail (shown on the trail map) is closed each year to avoid disturbance of an area known to be used for nesting by state threatened Red-shoulder hawks. Access to the rest of the trail system remains open.

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Protected, owned and managed by the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy.

PLEASE NOTE: A portion of the trail is closed each year from April 15 – June 15 to avoid disturbing birds as they nest in this critical habitat. Please reference the preserve map for details.

Lower Woodcock Lake is a true gem within the Platte River watershed. It contains the entirety of undeveloped Lower Woodcock Lake, a picturesque 22-acre lake surrounded by beautiful forest.

The conservation qualities of this preserve don’t stop there. It also contains most of a small unnamed stream that flows from Upper Woodcock Lake to Lower Woodcock Lake, the entire stretch of another unnamed stream from the lower lake that feeds into the Platte River, and a full half mile of frontage on the Platte River itself. And while not completely surrounded by state land, about 70 percent of the property – including portions of all four sides – borders state forest. Such continuity is critical for wildlife corridors, recreation and other factors.

Please note, a portion of the trail will close annually from April 15 – June 15 to protect nesting birds. Please respect the trail closure during this time.

To learn how this special place was protected, read the Lower Woodcock Lake chapter from our Campaign for Generations publication.