Protected, owned and managed by the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy.

This sanctuary features open dune, coastal moraine bluff and boreal forest habitats, which together represent a high-quality example of a perched Great Lakes dune system. The property is home to Pitcher’s thistle (a state and federally-threatened species) and provides important habitat for the state-threatened Lake Huron locust.

The critical dune habitat at this nature sanctuary supports a diverse array of endemic plant and animal species found only in Great Lakes coastal dune systems. Because of the rare plants, highly erodible sandy soils and extremely steep slopes found here—and the property’s small size—it is not well suited for a trail system, and public access is not encouraged.

In addition to not having a trail system, there is no parking area, and the sanctuary is located off a private road. Still, the public is allowed to gently explore and experience the unique natural features protected here. If you choose to access this sanctuary, please approach the property on foot, use caution, and avoid areas that seem unsafe.