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Protected, owned and managed by the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy.

The Carter Strong property is home to ecologically sensitive features and is considered a “sanctuary” by the Conservancy. The property encompasses a bog, lake shoreline on Ruth Lake, shrub swamp, and forest. These diverse habitats and natural communities are home to many plant, insect, bird and animal species.  The property hosts the unique Pitcher Plant, Rose Pogonia orchid, Round-leaved sundew and, although none have been documented, Carter Strong is also potential habitat for  Massasauga rattlesnake and the ebony boghaunter dragonfly which are both listed as species of concern on the Michigan Natural Features Inventory.

Although the Carter Strong Bird Sanctuary is open to the public, its sensitive features are not suited to disturbance. In fact, each time a human traverses the bog damage to the plants is immediately evident and sphagnum mats on the bog do not support much weight and can be hazardous. For these reasons there is no parking area or trails and active recreation is discouraged.  The preserve can be observed from kayak but accessing land could be hazardous and is not recommended. In its continual effort to balance public access and use with protecting conservation land GTRLC strives to match properties with appropriate activities. You will find Activities Icons on the right side of the Properties List to help match your desired experience with property appropriate activities.

No hunting is allowed due to the property’s small size, sensitivity and proximity to residences.