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While this property was protected by GTRLC, it is owned and managed by Whitewater Township. Please contact them with any issues.

PLEASE NOTE: A recent storm with high winds has downed many trees causing some difficulty navigating the trails.

This property includes a variety of habitats including wetlands, open field, pine plantation and upland forest which support many species of animals, birds and other wildlife. The natural area is also important for protecting water quality and supporting aquatic animal species. It encompasses a portion of Battle Creek, one of the largest and most important tributaries to Elk Lake and has approximately 2300 feet of frontage on Elk Lake itself. The lakeshore includes the mouth of Battle Creek which is important habitat for fish, waterfowl, amphibians, and reptiles. The creek contributes approximately six billion gallons of clean water to Elk Lake and is especially important to water quality because of the size and quality of the wetland complex surrounding it.

For more information and up-to-date rules and regulations, please contact Whitewater Township at (231) 267-5141 or visit their website here.

Battle Creek Natural Area

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