Field Notes

Pollinator Habitat 2020

September 22, 2020
Pollinators play a crucial role in natural ecosystems by facilitating the reproduction of thousands of plant species as they feed on nectar and pollen. They are also critically important to humans because they provide the same pollination services to the fruits and vegetables we grow on farms. Most pollinators are insects (bees are the most notable example) but certain birds and mammals also serve in this important role.
Unfortunately, pollinator populations face stress from habitat loss, pollution, certain insecticides and a host of other factors. Growing a collection of plants that pollinators can feed on throughout most of the year is a proven way to support these incredibly important organisms that serve our natural and agricultural worlds. GTRLC has installed pollinator gardens and habitats at some of its preserves and assisted private landowners who own protected lands with doing the same.
Watch the video to join GTRLC’s Vic Lane on an informative tour through a pollinator habitat planting on a GTRLC-protected private property in Grand Traverse County. Enjoy!

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