Field Notes

Lake Huron Tansy

July 19, 2019

When the weather is hot in summer, we flock to dunes and beaches for sun and refreshing swims. But while they’re a fun escape for us, these landscapes can present harsh condictions for wildlife. Plants and animals that thrive here are adapted to endure extremes, including surface temperatures that can reach 120 degress Fahrenheit!

While these plants can be hardy and durable, they can also be very sensitive to habitat loss, disturbances from invasive species intrusion and from people and their pets.

One such plant is the beautiful Lake Huron Tansy. As suitable habitat is lost or negatively impacted, the plant struggles, and it is currently on the State Threatened species list. Due to its sensitivity, the presence of Lake Huron Tansy can be an indicator of a healthy dune habitat. Thanks to many staff & volunteer hours spent removing invasive plant species and consciencious visitors (and their pets) treading lightly in or avoiding sensitive areas, the Tansy is in bloom right now at several coastal properties, including the beautiful Antrim Creek Natural Area, as seen in the video below.

Enjoy Lake Huron Tansy’s beautiful deep yellow-orange button shaped flowers (and a dip in the water)!

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