A Special Use Permit is required for any activity on GTRLC land that is not considered Regular Use and generally any activity that:

  • is inconsistent with a Preserve‚Äôs Rules
  • has the potential to negatively impact the land or its natural features
  • has the potential to negatively impact the experience of other users of the preserve
  • gives an individual or group any type of exclusive use of the preserve for any period of time
  • is commercial in nature or that has the potential to provide a private benefit to any individual or group

The Applicant shall possess proof of liability insurance which shall be provided to GTRLC upon request. Applicants may also be required to provide a copy of any additional permits or permissions needed by other organizations to carry out the proposed activity. Depending on the type of request, GTRLC may ask the applicant to conduct remediation work or compensate GTRLC for restoration of any negative impacts to the site.

Please provide at least eight (8) weeks prior to your event to allow adequate time for review of the request.

Request Use of a Conservancy Property
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