The planned Wintergreen Woods Preserve will protect 22 gorgeous acres adjacent to Acme Township’s popular Sayler Park. Initial plans focused on fundraising to purchase a 9-acre parcel to add to the current park, but when a generous landowner gave GTRLC an adjacent 13-acre parcel, we decided to retain ownership of both parcels and open a new preserve.

Once finalized, this preserve will include striking natural pine forest and an abundance of its namesake aromatic shrub, along with populations of other plant species in the heath family. These small, tough evergreen plants (wintergreen, partridge berry, pipsessewa and others) do well in the acidic under-story of pine forests. Protecting this ecologically rich parcel will help us add to what has become an impressive mosaic of protected land along the busy U.S. 31 corridor between Acme Township and Elk Rapids.

Because the Wintergreen Woods preserve will sit immediately east and south of Sayler Park, it will effectively double the land open to the public in the vicinity. This beautiful preserve will be a wonderful place for local families to relax, recreate and learn about nature.