The Conservancy has a chance to improve access to one of its oldest, most beloved, and most ecologically significant properties.

A recent addition to Pyatt Lake: The Bill Carls Nature Preserve presents the opportunity to build a new trailhead and parking area for the preserve and connect the new entrance to the existing trail system. Presently, visitors can only access Pyatt Lake from a seasonal, unmaintained road in a quiet residential area, where there is limited parking available. With the addition, the preserve now connects to Peninsula Drive, enabling GTRLC to build a new trailhead and parking area allowing easy, year-round access to Pyatt Lake.

We hope to connect the new parking area to the existing trail system following a corridor of upland terrain through the northern section of the preserve to Pyatt Road. A half-mile aggregate trail and a small footbridge over a seasonal stream will allow visitors a chance to explore a previously inaccessible section of the preserve while protecting the property’s sensitive ecological features.

Along with two more acquisitions to the southwest corner of the preserve, the new addition also opens up the opportunity to explore a long-held dream of the community and GTRLC – a loop trail encircling Pyatt Lake. To understand the feasibility of such a trail, as part of this effort we will secure funding to evaluate the fundraising needs, staff capacity and potential timeline.

Learn more about Pyatt Lake: The Bill Carls Nature Preserve.

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