The Conservancy has the opportunity to add two critical additions to a new nature preserve in the heart of our region’s population center.

The Mitchell Creek Meadows preserve along Three Mile Road now sits at just over 200 acres. This stunning property, once a golf course, is packed with ecological significance and passive recreational potential. Now, GTRLC is fundraising to purchase two adjacent parcels that will add nearly 20 acres to this special place.

The larger parcel is a mix of rich conifer swamp and other wetland habitats, and its protection will further safeguard water quality and expand essential wildlife habitat by expanding the preserve’s footprint over the wetland complex that surrounds much of Mitchell Creek.

The second parcel, while less than two acres in size, could play an important role in connecting the new preserve to several existing trail systems. For example, it’s essential for a connection with GTRLC-owned parcels in the adjacent Peninsula Business Park, providing a critical link for a proposed future trail that would connect the Mitchell Creek Meadows Preserve (and GTRLC’s proposed new headquarters there, dubbed the Conservation Center) with the George and Ada Reffitt Nature Preserve not far to the north.

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