Plans are in place for an expanded trail system and other infrastructure at the beautiful and ecologically important Lower Woodcock Lake preserve, a 230-acre jewel in the Platte River watershed.

Conservancy staff built a short 0.8-mile loop trail around the time the preserve opened to the public in 2020. While the trail is enjoyable, there is potential for other high-quality experiences. Now, the hope is to give visitors the opportunity to better engage with this special place by taking them around the lake as well as deep into beautiful, healthy forests to the south. Plans call for roughly three more miles of trail, some of which has already been built with the help of dedicated GTRLC volunteers.

The new trail will allow users to experience the multiple habitat types (including five upland and six distinct wetland habitat types) that make this preserve such a special place. Portions of this new trail may be periodically closed to protect nesting birds, which have been documented on the property. Plans also call for a floating dock that will more sensitively allow the launch of non-motorized boats, along with a bridge that will span the lake’s outlet into the Platte River.

The goal of this project is to both protect the sensitive habitats found here and help foster an appreciation for them by providing better access. If fundraising is successful, the goal is to have this project done by the end of the year.

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