The Green Point Dunes Nature Preserve offers one of the finest recreational experiences along Lake Michigan. Visitors can discover spectacular views of Lake Michigan, many native plant species and unique bird habitats, and a beach of unparalleled beauty. 

During a period of high water levels and strong wave action in Lake Michigan, the entire beach at Green Point Dunes Nature Preserve eroded, all the way to the base of the staircase built to provide safe, low-impact access down the dune to the beach.

Damaged by the high water and erosion, the lower section of the staircase was removed to keep trail users safe and prevent further harm to the infrastructure. Unfortunately, this has meant that visitors have been discouraged from accessing the lakeshore, and a portion of the dunes’ sensitive habitat has been left vulnerable to off-trail use.

The water levels have since receded, and the beach has again formed. The Conservancy is working to replace the removed section of the staircase in the fall of 2022 to allow beachgoers safe access to Lake Michigan’s shoreline while protecting this critical coastal habitat.

Longer-term plans for the preserve include rerouting the trail system to a more sustainable location. An extended, sensitively-designed trail will enhance recreational experiences and protect coastal forest habitats at this stunning preserve.

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